Monday, May 10, 2010

Blossom Walk

The boys are snoozing away...tired our from this morning's blossom walk. The campus is a regular bloomstravaganza these days. Back in the fall Eli worked on a leaf board for um...a couple of months. He just kept picking up leaves everywhere we went and bringing them home for his "yeaf boahd."

So today, we struck out on blossom board mission. Step one - find a piece of foam or cardboard.
Optional step two - let your blossom board buddy pick out some fabric with which to cover your foam or cardboard.
Step three - find blossoms and pin them to the aforementioned blossom board.
This little guy has personality!

Pond blossoms.
This is what I love about crafting with kiddos - E-Dizzle found this little gem. It's not a conventional blossom. It's a partially budded pinecone. And it looks like a little rose on a stem. Good eye E-man!
We sat by the progressive fountains pinning our finds.
The wee couple behind Eli are doing tai chi. This couple and my crew often come across each other in this spot. It's one of our faves.
This is where Boogie spent his blossom walk.
Nice work boys!

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