Thursday, June 3, 2010

We have vacated!

Yesterday we flew the coop. We loaded up the boys and way too many suitcases and hopped a flight to N.C. baby!

We visited with some family in Charlotte and then made our way to Gram's (the fella's mom's) house. The boys are a bit young yet, but there is years of fun to be had at Gram's house. There are woods, creeks, playgrounds, pools, and critters.

Did I mention that Gram lives at camp? Literally. She does. Live at a kids' camp.

So this morning Eli woke up itching to go play in the creek! And play in the creek we did.

This little yellow jeep is a perennial favorite of my boys (all three of them. You see, the fella drives the real yellow jeep and loves it so much we call it "The Other Woman."), and today Amos took his first turn in the driver seat.

And Eli was happy to finally have someone to go offroading with until....

tragedy stuck. About two second after this shot was taken Amos took a header into the floorboard. It was not pretty.
So we swung it off.
And slept it off. His little nose is all red and road rashy and he has a solid pump knot on his forehead.

The bruiser is now the bruised.
Nice cleavage though.
Additional fun Gram's house activities include chasing the kitties, playing trucks, and lounging in Eli's little room. He loves it in there - especially hiding under the chair.
My personal favorite Gram's house activities all happen to being going on right this moment. Picture it:

The boys are sleeping. I'm laying in a bed in the middle of the day, guilt free, eating icecream out of the carton and playing on the internet.



  1. awww poor baby with his bruise. Your gram's looks awesome! Can I come?

  2. his baby cleavage gives you a run for your money-and that's saying a lot!