Friday, July 8, 2011

Peek of the Week - July 8, 2011

What's Peek of the Week, you ask? It's our Friday feature and it's all about you! I want to hear (and share with my readers) what wowed you this week. It could be a cool finished project, a work in progress, a personal accomplishment, a cute kid moment, or something that surprised you.
If we could peek into your week - what would you want to show us?

Each week I'll share my own Peek of the Week to get the ball rolling, and invite you to link to your blog post about your Peek of the Week. I know y'all are up to cool stuff - we wanna see it!

I'll start:
Here is the completed project I sneak peeked yesterday. It's project 472 of the baby preparation nest-travaganza in which I am currently engaged.

Disclaimer: Lil's Sis's room is actually a closet - very small, and no window - so the photos aren't great. But you'll get the idea.

I present...Lil' Sis's Wall of Whimsy!:
Eli put on the little leaves at the bottom. I love that he added his own special touches to her space.

I tried to give you the full 360 experience. In fact, I attempted to make a panoramic shot of the whole thing - couldn't be done in such a small space. Alas.

When you enter the room on your left it is morning with trees and birds and dragonflies. Continue around the room and the clouds lead you to a trail of stars onto the next wall where Lil' Sis is perched on the moon fishing for a star. Pretty sweet.

I love decals. I took on a similar project for Eli's nursery in paint. It took forever, wasn't as crisp looking, and I worried what the fumes were doing to him in my belly. Decals are so forgiving. If you don't like a feature of something you've cut out, just try again. I got a lot of good inspiration from etsy (especially the girl on the moon - if you like it you could snag one here), but I made them all myself out of solid colored sheets of vinyl wall decal. Mama loves.

So, what have you been up to? Let's see your peek!
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