Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So we were feeling kinda lame since we had made no 4th of July plans. And truth be told, the morning was not going swimmingly. Everybody had their grumpy pants on and the prospect of being with each other in the house all day was bleak, so the fella and I dumped the kids in the car and struck out for the park.
Serendipitously we happened upon a little 4th of July celebration at our fave local park complete with a kids' parade, VFW band, popsicles and a firetruck spraying kids with the fire hose.

The boys were more into the original playground plan so we played for a long time.

Dizzy could not be convinced to get sprayed by the fire hose, but Fidget found it refreshing.

I decided today that in future years when I'm feeling more energized and less...well...pregnant, I'm going to be proactive about holiday plans. There will be outdoor activities. There will be shindigs. Consider yourself notified.

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