Thursday, July 14, 2011

Embrace Busting Out

In the immortal words of Monica: "4 weeks baby. 4 WEEKS!"

Here, for this week's embrace the camera I give you, the 36 week belly. At her check in this week she was:
  • still a girl!
  • head down with her little hands in front of her sweet face.
  • "baby breathing," which apparently is practice and is a very healthy and good thing for her to be doing.
  • showing no sign of going anywhere any time soon.
So we sit tight and the hysterical non-stop nesting continues. So far this has included:
  • organizing her clothes and her whatnot
  • adorning her walls with decals of trees, critters, stars and a little gal atop the moon
  • cooking up ideas for Big Brother t-shirts
  • moving furniture to accommodate her gear
  • purchased and packed the boys' required school supplies (1.5 months in advance)
  • ordering fabric for her bedding
  • packing things for hospital
I'm unstoppable!

While you're here, look back and come back:
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  1. awesome picture! you're soooo close!!

  2. love this picture - adorable! wish I had thought to take such a cute pic of my belly! :) congrats!

  3. Completely beautiful! Love the picture!

  4. that picture is so awesome! you are so close - hang in there!! :)