Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dizzy's got things figured out.

Does anyone else feel like July has come to an abrupt halt? It's hot. I'm meet this little babe perched precariously on my bladder, and July has slowed to a crawl.

I've been looking ahead to July 27th for sometime now - it's my niece's birthday, my 38 week appointment, and the grand opening of our IKEA. A big day, you understand. And I feel like it should have come and gone already but no, it's still a full. week. away. And lil' sis' arrival is expected a full two weeks after that. Zoiks.

Most people would be glad to have a little more time to prepare for impending transitions, but I've nearly nested all there is to nest, and it's still not time yet.

I know...Hang in there. Power through. Keep on keeping on. I'm in the home stretch. Keep calm and carry on. Yada yada.
I know. I shall.

Speaking of some of that good old nesting - I finished a project last night that is so cute I might need the salts. I really want to give you a teaser, but I will wait until the peek of the week on Friday. I need to practice my patience. Do come back. You won't be disappointed!


  1. If you nest any more you will have to start bringing twigs into the house.

    It's killing you to wait until Friday, isn't it?