Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Celebration of Amos

Today is for Amos.

He is about to be bumped from coveted baby spot. And he's in a funk this morning. So, I'm putting these happy shots out into the universe and hopefully they'll have a mood enhancing effect on him.
Amos is the sweetest second son.

Blonde curls and an easy smile - don't even try to resist this face.

Some Amos fun facts:
~He loves tractors, bulldozers, Jelly Mouse, and yes...walks on the beach.
~He loves bubbles especially when blown near the A.C. unit so they fly about as if a blizzard.
~He has the highest pitched, loudest, eardrum piercing squeal I have ever heard. I am not overstating this. While we were in N.C. he busted one out and completely silenced an entire restaurant. It is a squeal of joy or excitement, and you can never predict it's appearance. Just wear your earplugs in perpetuity.
~He is a total wiggle spazo - and has been since his in utero days. See:

Hence his nickname, Fidget.

~His in utero name was TB, short for Tummy Baby.
~He loves (and knows better how to use than me) all things i. iPhones. iPads. The Apple TV.
~Other favorites include dirt, sand, sandy dirt, and dirty sand. Loves to squish it through his fingers resulting in perpetual grimy fingernails. He also eats it by the fists full as though his very survival depends on it.
~He is the best baby brother and is about to knock our socks off with his debut as big brother. I just know it.

Love you Amos Mouse.

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  1. Haha that video is great! And he is too cute. I'd love (or more likely be afraid) for Amos and Ruffin to get into a squealing contest - it would be epic. I had no idea someone so small could be so loud!! :)