Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embracing Balance and Celebration

It's embrace the camera time, and apparently for the last and next few weeks, that means belly shots. This one came shortly after devouring some scrumptious fried home grown zucchini that Yaya and Dizzy grew. Now that's something to celebrate.

Something else to celebrate: 37 weeks. Maybe not the home stretch, but I'm at least breezing past the short stop right about now.

Even more celebratory: I FINALLY finished Amos' 1 year album (he's a month shy of his second birthday). I've been working on it for a year. You can see here its finished girth, which serves as a lovely geological survey of my zeal about the project:
The top layer where I had all the best intentions and did fancy page layouts on decorative paper with cute text and layering and embellishments like this:

The middle layer is when I still wished for the best but I was getting tired and the impending new addition was beginning to bear down on me. During this phase I barely got decorative paper laid down and a few photos slapped in place.

The final layer (a full half of the book) happened yesterday. That's when I bought 400 photos worth of photo sleeves at Michael's and got that sucker done.

Here's the adorable cover:
Photo courtesy of my very talented sister Madeline.

You see, as crafty as I am, I do not appreciate the paper crafts. I do not heart scrapbooking, nor am I very good at it.

Photo sleeves on the other hand. We're besties.

Know what else I'm besties with? Tomorrow's Peek of the Week. I've been itching all week to give you a teaser, but I've resisted and tomorrow all shall be revealed and you will squeal.

This post is going over to the Anderson Crew for their Embrace the Camera Thursday thang.


  1. haha..I'm with you, girl. I do not heart scrapbooking with paper. I'm like send the pics in and let them make me a pretty book..:)

  2. Stumbled upon your blog from Thankful Thursday/Embrace. Best of luck to you during the last leg of your pregnancy! I'm a new follower and would love a follow back :)

  3. thanks for joining in thankful thursday this week! congrats on finishing your album... pictures in an album (no matter how they're done) sure beats no pictures in an album:) love the belly shot!

  4. sigh... My littlest little is about to turn 1, and his baby book is almost totally blank. Good job! And LOVE that belly!!!

  5. oh, i know this story too well! working on a long overdue album this summer... scrapbooking is way too cutesie for me, and all i'm doing is putting pictures into sleeves (and i'm not pregnant) so what's my excuse?! ;)