Monday, July 11, 2011

Making a Splash

Up until a few days ago I was constantly amazed by how un-phased the boys were by thunder storms. They slept through them, played through them - no biggie.

Well Saturday...biggie. A honkin' crack of thunder woke Eli from the rare afternoon nap and it was done-zo. Then yesterday when a thunder storm came up during rest time, he was primed for a freak out. I sprung him from his room to watch the storm and he would not take his hands down from his ears. He wanted to fashion something to put on his ears to keep him from hearing the thunder. Porbricito.

Really hoping to break the bad juju, I decided to make figurative lemonade. So we decided that when it stopped we'd put on our rain gear (a rare treat in DRY Colorado) and go puddle jumping.

Well that did it. He leapt off the couch (hands off the ears) and went about collecting his gear. He put on his waterproof crocs, swim trunks, and a rain coat. He was so gung ho we had to wait all geared up for 15 or so minutes until the rip roaring storm actually ended.

And off we went. We located some fabulous puddles and were soaked head to toe in puddle water and bliss. Good stuff.

In other news...dontchya just love instamatic?

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