Saturday, July 2, 2011

Amos' Happy Place, Episode like, 12.

Seems like I should turn posts about Amos' Happy Place into a regular feature. It's hard to avoid, because that boy is full of joy. Talk about easy to please.

Homie loves anything yellow with wheels (or tracks). And they just keep showing up around here. The city has decided to repave everything in our neighborhood. And before that could happen the gas company had to dig under the streets to patch like 4 gas leaks on each block (Anybody else feel sketchy about that? No harm, no foul I spoze).

Can't go wrong with that boy and some sort of digger. Sleeps with 'em, plays with 'em, squeals in delight every time he sees one.

In fact, let me teach you his new favorite ditty we recently made up for him (to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot):
Amos loves bulldozers so so much.
Some have tracks, some have tires.
They all have a bucket or a scraper.
Amos loves them so so much.

Catchy right?

Now every night when I ask him want song he wants before bed, no more Lullaby. Bushel and a Peck be damned. It's "buhzuhah" song or bust.

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