Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can't Wait to Peek

(prego pic by my sister Madeline!)

The nest is feathered. Every teeny outfit is folded in the perfect set of IKEA drawers. The bed is made. The lamps are lit (okay not really. keeping her lights on until she's born isn't very green, but it sounded good).

So please join me on a little tour of Lil' Sis' nursery.

I have mentioned before that her "room" is a glorified closet. It's tiny and has no window, so the photos aren't great. Now that it's finished I kinda love how small it is. It's a quaint little nook just perfect for our little gal.

Due to the size, a real crib doesn't fit, so she's got a pack 'n' play. I know, most people would just use it as is, but now that we're having a girl, I'm not really feeling the neutral decor, so I spruced it up.



Rotate slightly left to the green IKEA dresser/cabinet which is (not surprisingly) the perfect fit. Totally worth the 38 week pregnant opening day visit, crazy though that was.

Note the lovely wall de vintage. The pinafores I made, but the others are sweet vintage frocks I found on etsy and luuuuuuuuv.

And another slight left will take you past the tree decals and fun flower lamp, also from IKEA. And out the door you go.

I'll admit. I squealed a bit.

And now, I'm kinda out of things to nest. The hospital bag is packed. The house is relatively clean. The boys' Big Brother shirts are made. I guess I'll spend the next two weeks twiddling the old thumbs.

OR - she could decide to come a bit early and save me some twiddling. Just a suggestion.

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