Friday, May 27, 2011

A Nuptial Peek of the Week - May 27, 2001

It's Friday. Time for a Peek!

Our Friday feature - the Peek of the Week - is all about you! I want to hear (and share with my readers) what wowed you this week. It could be a cool finished project, a work in progress, a personal accomplishment, a cute kid moment, or something that surprised you.

If we could peek into your week - what would you want to show us?

Each week I'll share my Peek of the Week to get the ball rolling, and invite you to link to your own blog posts about your Peek of the Week. I know y'all are up to cool stuff - we wanna see it!

I have a very special Peek this week:

Today the fella and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.

I know. I know. You're wondering how it's possible for two people so young and spry to be married as long as 11 years.

Well, I'll tell ya. We were 12.
Okay, not really 12, but young.
It was a simply magical day that was full of all the love and celebration anyone could hope for (above photos by Peter Decker).

On last year's beach trip we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a sea side renup (photos below by Marc Stowe).
With the boys, sweet family and beloved friends around us, we renewed our decrees of love and dedication to each other. It was a beautiful day (click here to read more about the renup).
I'm a lucky gal.

Now it's your turn!
Here's how it works:
1. Each Friday I'll post my peek of the week, and give you space to link us up to yours.
2. Blog about your Peek of the Week - whatever it is. Whatever happened that made you proud, laugh, smile, inspired, excited, or just plain happy - now that's worth sharing.
3. Include a link to this blog or put the Peek of the Week button (on the sidebar) in your post.
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