Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amos' Happy Place

Friday, when the bulldozers pulled up, this was the scene.

For about 2.7 minutes when the boys demanded to be loosed.

They could not contain their glee at this new development - Bulldozers delivered directly to their front door - check that off the toddler bucket list.

Poor Eli got to ogle and play for about 15 minutes before he had to leave for school, but Amos set up camp and spent the whole morning out there watching and digging.

This boys loves some dirt. Loves to dig in it, roll in it, and yes, eat it. So much so that I have repeatedly asked his pediatrician if he might have pica.

Wonder if lil' sis will have the same fascination with big yellow machines. If nurture has any part of it, she certainly will, because these boys will no doubt groom her to join their construction crew. We could get some serious stuff built around here with a crew like that.

I think we should start with a pool.

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