Monday, May 2, 2011

Whole Earth

Yesterday the fella and I did something kinda cool. Our church celebrated Whole Earth Sunday which honors the earth and renews our dedication to treating her kindly. It was quite a fun day. Eric did the preaching (which he'll being doing a lot of in the coming weeks since the Sr. Minister left for Sabbatical last week). It was a lovely sermon about the earth and Creation and creativity and God's creative spirit. He decided to use as his main metaphor, the making of a piece of pottery.
Enter Jessa. While he preached, I potted.

It was great fun and very well received and people seemed to really enjoy the visual element to support the message he brought. Kinda cool.

Then we continued the fun with a concert by our fave kid's musician, Billy Jonas!
Billy is an Asheville based musician, so we were introduced to him there and have enjoyed his music with our boys for years. It was great fun to bring him to town to share him with our new friends and church family.

His participation coincided perfectly with Whole Earth Sunday since he plays all recycled instruments ('cept the guitar).
Eli has had many Billy Jonas inspired drums. Here Billy is calling on him to show the crowd the drum he brought.
So proud!
He played it like a champ and took the whole thing very seriously.
So delicious. We took him back to the smaller, more interactive concert Billy did at youth group last night. He was the only kid and I couldv'e just eaten him right up. Billy would talk to him from stage, and vice versa, and his contributions were so sweet and valued by Billy and the crowd. He was so into it.

If you've never heard of Billy, check him out! He has great music for kids and amazing adult stuff too!


  1. My mom, sisters and I always say "Oh yeah, I forgot" in true Billy Jonas fashion. We saw him at Merlefest a few times and went to one of his shows around Asheville. So fun!

  2. Yea potting Jessa!!! You rock that Brent girl!

  3. You all are just too fantastic, collaborative and creative! Love it!