Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In the continuing effort to prepare for our upcoming beach trip and family visits, last night I whipped up this little bit of awesomeness:
Often when I get a wild hair about a project and compose a quick plan in my head and make it in a frenzy, it's a flop.

But this one flops not.

Now the boys can watch movies on the many multi-hour drives that are scheduled during our three week trip. Serenity NOW!

A word on the compact nature of the backseat of a Jeep wrangler. Well two words -
1) it's so slim back there they'll probably be able to reach the ipad to check emails and battle each other in angry birds on the trip.
2) wedging my big ol' bellied self back there with two car seats while installing the iAwesomeness was no small feat. Literally.

1 comment:

  1. this my dear, is PURE genius. you need to patent it now. what a great idea. i was telling my hubs earlier that our next vehicle, the one thing i would splurge on was a built-in DVD. i am OVER the portable ones. i honestly think we have had like 5!