Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Count 'em five.

Five more school days until this one:

joins this one:
at home all day every day. Horray and zoiks.

I have some ideas about my last few days with just one kiddo at home. On Monday (t-minus 6 days and counting) I lounged the entire day. I decided on Sunday night after our crazy prior week and weekend that I was taking Monday off and then I actually did it. Amos and I watched movies and snacked on the couch and full on lazed. It was delightful.

Today is kinda screwed because I will make appearances at Eli's school no less than 4 times (once already for drop off, once already because it was our day to bring snack and I forgot, once mid-day to cover his class while his teachers go to the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, and once more for pick-up). In between my plan is to whip the upstairs of our house into shape, so I better get to it.

What should I do with my other 4 days!??!

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