Saturday, May 14, 2011

First and Last

Yesterday was sweet E's last day of school. (wipe two tears - one sentimental and one of panic).
My elder boy child has grown up so much this year. I guess that's no surprise, but geez, I'm shocked!

LinkHe looked like a little preppy skater boy yesterday in his new beachy shorts (compliments of me) and new shoes and shirt. I've never heard of getting a new outfit for the last day of school, but it was kinda fun. I smell a new tradition!
Oh - but even more fun was what pulled up while we were waiting to leave for school. Two bulldozers, a welder, a pipe drill, and a bunch of other stuff and about 8 men in hard hats arrived about 20 minutes before time to go.
The boys were beside themselves. Poor Eli had to leave the fun and not get too dirty, but Amos spent his entire day camped out in the front yard watching the machines and digging in the dirt.
The day was eventful and meaningful...and exhausting.

Bless his little big boy heart.

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  1. I was just noticing the other day how big your guys are getting! Mine too for that matter. We should play soon.