Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Renup

We celebrated 10 years of marriage among good friends and beachy goodness last week. The "Renup" as we've called it for months now, was more fitting and perfect then we ever envisioned it. It started with an informal walk to the shore at sunset. Our friends crafted a lovely sandy seashell isle and wedding spot for us.

Amos and Eli were perfect little best men:
Amos thought his boutonniere was tasty.

Incidentally, I'm really glad I decided to hire a professional to make a bouquet for me and boutonnieres for the fellas. I originally thought I might fashion some out of the blossoms on the beautiful bushes in the front yard of the beach house. Although since Amos spent the entire ceremony devouring his, I'm really glad I didn't use what was later identified as a poisonous Oleander bush.

The lovely and talented Rev. Sunny B. Ridings re-married us with these beautiful words.

And to seal the deal, Sunny invited me to kiss my groom. Don't mind if I do.

After a love fest of kind words between all the guests and participants, and a few gazillion photos, we meandered down the beach where a Renup worthy tide pool was forming. Eli was giddy and spent the rest of the daylight swimming and splashing with delight. Once dark set in, we wandered back to the house, put the best men to bed, re-danced our first dance on the deck to Etta James' At Last, just like the first time. Eric catered the occasion with his to die for gourmet pizzas. And a beautiful time was had by all.

More Beach Week and Renup photos to come, I'm sure.


  1. i'm so glad to be a small part of the big day by way of those fabulous pictures. you both look stunning, and your best men are such a good metaphor for all of the goodness your partnership is sending out into the world. way to go, sunny, for helping to mark such an important day. it looks like an all around wonderful time!