Thursday, May 19, 2011

Embracing the Bump

I know I already referred to Amos' happy place this week, but he has a couple. He's a happy kid.

One of them is the bump.

Me thinks he thinks I grew this big ol' bump on the front just so he's have a cozy place to pillow up to about 12 times a day. He spends lots of time there.

And even if that were the only benefit to this bump, it would've been totally worth it just for all the snuggles.
It does present a few challenges, like trying to belly up to my sewing table with this bump and that sweet little noggin betwixt Betty (my sewing machine) and me.

But this week it also gave me some inspiration. While flipping through some of my favorite pattern books and looking down at those gorgeous goldie locks, I knew just what my next project would be.

And I've made 4 of them, with 5 more cut and ready to be sewn. Curious? Check back here tomorrow for the Peek of the Week where my newest project (read: obsession) will be revealed. And you can share some of the fun stuff you've been up to. Read the skinny about that here, and come back tomorrow to check it out.

I'm linking this post up to the Anderson Crew blog for the Embrace the Camera feature. It's fun. Check that out too!


  1. How wonderful to have pictures of your baby bump and your little, those will be great memories one day.

  2. Lovely pictures of your bump :)

  3. When I first saw the title, in my head "bump" became "nubbin."

  4. how precious! My little guy loves to use my bump as a pillow too! :)

  5. oh my goodness! so adorable!

  6. aww i remember those days when I was prego with my 2nd and my older daughter would lay on my belly as well, so precious

  7. I always loved having a baby bump. It was a great excuse to not have to suck in my stomach! Your is adorable and so is your little guy cuddling with it.

  8. very precious!! can't wait to see what you're making!!

  9. That is about the cutest thing ever!

    Came to your blog via Sew Liberated. I TOO have both of those project books, currently with projects (slowly) happening from both.