Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Am My Mother's Daughter. For Sure.

I resisted. I did. But not long ago, I lost the battle.

It happened on the side of a windy mountain road, when I spied this:

That's a diamond in the rough, right? I tried really hard to just drive on by. In fact I did. Three times. And I the third time 'round, I busted my pregnant butt out and hustled that puppy into the back of my suv, right next to Eli.

That's the moment I full on became my mother. Sorry husband, it was bound to happen.

My childhood homes were full of side-of-the-road gems(?). And she always made them work.

But...would I be able to turn my roadside trash into treasure???

Oh yeah baby. Check her out:

Ooooowheee! That's a nice looking chair! I picked out these two fabulous fabrics and sanded until my fingers bled. And look how pretty?

Sadly, the treasure doesn't fit in the new tiny apartment. But it has taken up temporary residence two floors down in our friend Rachel's apartment. This chair came off the streets and is now on tour. That's a rags to riches story if I ever heard one.

And now...I can't be stopped.
This one didn't come off the streets, but it was the cheapest glider money could buy, and it looked it.
Till I jazzed it up a bit! Thanks IKEA for this fabulous fabric. I love my new whimsical nursing chair.

But don't look to close, this one's definitely bang up job.

What's your favorite (used to be trash) treasure?

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