Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow that Cape!

Aren't kids super?

A bunch of E-Dizzle's friends are just turning three. And one of their Mamas asked me to make her son a super cape for his birthday. So I decided to make one for all of them.

I cannot tell you how inspiring, humbling, and just plain fun it is to see a kiddo get all excited about their special cape, and to tie it on and go flying around, arms outstretched, certain of his or her super-ness.

The super kid cape has definitely been the best seller on the etsy shop. I went to the shipping shop today to ship 4 capes to their wearers. One of them was going to my first international SuperKid! As I walked out, my buddy who works at the shipping shop said he thought it was neat. And I said something to the tune of, "Helping kids feel super all over the United States! And Canada!"

And that gave me an idea. I want to keep a cape count. Because it makes me feel super to think of kiddos out there feeling super.

Then, as you should do with any idea, I shared my thought with my Mama friends at swimming this morning. And they ran with it. They came up with the idea of marking down on a map where all the Superkid capes fly off to...and wouldn't you know has an app for that.

So, no faces, no real locations (I put them all in parks in fact) - but here is the SuperMap.

So, on my sidebar you can now keep track of the cape count and location.

And, in case you're wondering, the current cape count is 10. With two in the works.

That is super.

View Follow that Cape! in a larger map

If your superkid is in need of his or her own one-of-a-kind-made-especially-for-him-or-her super cape, don't forget that blog readers get free shipping on their super kid capes using this reserve listing on etsy.

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