Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Dorky Matching Goodness

You know what's really fortunate? That I got in to sewing while my children were young.

When you're under's much easier to pull off the dorky matching goodness.
See??? Yum.

E-man's shirt has a frog with a really long time slurping up a fly. Love it.

I started working on TDMG before A-Boogie was born. Bear had to model for us.
Look at teeny Boogie!

Yeah, you really can't pull off some of these looks once you hit middle school.

The boys and I have matching crazy owl pant jammies. Even Harry Elephante (in Eli's right hand) has a pair.
And Eric and the boys got matching manly jammies for Valentines Day. Sweet right?

Who doesn't love boys in cords?

But these boat pants might just be my favorite.

Paired with white button-downs for Easter. Priceless.

There is currently no cure for TDMG. If you're lucky, by puberty you'll (I'll) grow out of it.

So for now, sorry boys.


  1. So adorable, Jessa! You find the cutest fabrics!

    For Jesse's first 18 months, I got on a big re-purposing kick, and most of his pants came from old shirts I used to wear. Nothing was more gratifying to see him wear them. And I loved knowing that I could custom-fit each pair to his big 'ole booty.

    And the matchy-matchy thing: I think every woman swears she'll never do it until she becomes a mother! It's just too irresistible!

    Love ALL of these pictures, by the way!

  2. I love that Harry has matching pants too. My Grandma used to do that for my favorite stuffed animal and I'm not ashamed to admit I still have him (Mr. Carrots) in a pair! You're such a good Mommy!