Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Owl Fever

I have had a long-standing obsession with owls. It really got going about a year and a half ago (about the time I found those excellent Hambly rub-ons, remember that?).

About the same time I also discovered these sheets of contact paper intended for wall decor. They were like 14" squares of solid colors (they had patterns and stuff, but I grabbed some solids on clearance).

What to do with sticky orange, green, black, and white squares? So much potential!

Ta Da!
I made owls.
Owls are the most fun to make. And the easiest.
You can't screw up an owl.
The wonkier the better.
They were the perfect little sleepy buddies for this sweet little guy (MAN! I miss those curls!).

So, when I was pondering the possible creation of an etsy shop...what would make a better happy little banner for Happily Home sewn?

A digital camera and the good old paint program that has come standard on computers since the commodore 64 and viola!

Whoo's awesome?

1 comment:

  1. Believe me, I can screw up an owl...guaranteed.

    And another thing: Funny, cause I was just daydreaming about Etsy today and wondered who created your logo....that's weird.