Saturday, July 31, 2010

M.A.C. - Missing at Camp

This is Boogie's "Don't Blame Me, I was at Camp." face. Sorry friends for the little break. I forgot to mention in the frenzy of decals and packing that we were off for a week at Family Camp at La Foret. Ooops. We got home this afternoon and are regrouping while the boys nap. Maybe we should be napping while the boys regroup.

Here are some highlights from our wonderful week:

Boogie and Dizzle made and launched bottle rockets. It was a BLAST (p.i.)! They got to decorate and name their vessels and see them blast off while adoring adult campers cheered. They lined the rocketeers up youngest to oldest for the launching order. Boogie was 1st. Dizzle was 3rd. Which means out of a hundred some odd campers, we have two of the three youngest. How tired are we?

We spent lots of time chowing down (often in our jammies) in the dining hall.
Expect to hear more on this sweet little seat contraption soon. Amos loves it.

There was lots of sleeping. He looks pretty comfy, eh?

Tuesday night was STAR WARS NIGHT! Our cabin mates spent months devising a very involved, all camp game. There were five stations where your team competed to identify photos of characters from all six films, listen to quick recordings of lines from the films and identify the speaker, translate sentences into Yoda Speak (and do the voice), dress Princess Leia for a journey using only toilet paper, shoot the Death Star with suction cup darts and crack a code by answering Star Wars and camp related questions. It was incredible!

And the whole camp brought Star Wars getup to wear on a processional to the event. Fabulous!

Dizzle had the most fun playing with the big kids. All the camp kids were so sweet to him and took such good care of him. So good in fact that anytime I walked up, he chirped, "Go way Mama."

And there was Tie Dye!

Confession - I put the kids to bed and went to tie dye by myself.

It was just better that way.

But they got to go pick up their tie dyed clothes with me and they were pleased as punch

Looking pretty cute! We did a couple of off camp runs to target and one lunch out. It's funny how conspicuous it is to be dressed head to toe in tie dye when you're not at camp. Oh well.

We all miss camp. E-Dizzle keeps saying, "I need to go to our cavin (cabin)." And then I ask him, because the answer is just suhdarn cute, "What's our cabin's name?"

"Tennenbome (Tannenbaum)," he replies.


  1. Tie DYE. Tie Die is a little more sinister.

  2. omgosh! so much fun. I so want to go to a family camp now!

  3. i am so curious about the fabulous seat contraption. looks like such a better idea than the plastic number i've been hauling all over creation.