Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Onesie!

I'm testing the waters on a new item!

The first 1st Birthday Onesie is available here.

Here's the description:
Celebrate her first birthday in style with this whimsical onesie featuring a swirly applique with flowers, butterflies, lady bugs and a sweet pink 1. On one of the swirls is one simple word - wish.

I think it turned out pretty sweet. To keep it fresh I think I'll be doing lots of different designs, so they'll be sort of one of a kind.

In other news - sorry this blog has been a bit etsy-heavy of late. I've been etsying like crazy while the fella's been gone and I wanted you guys to see what I've been up to.

Coming soon - less merch peddling...more boys crafty antics.


  1. Okay, that onesie's adorable, but Amos is just incredibly beautiful! That first shot is magazine material!

    I also like the last shot -- looks like the owl is perched on his shoulder!

  2. You are a crafting mama, this is your crafting blog, Etsy is THE place for beautiful crafty items..... Push your merchandise as much as POSSIBLE!!! I love this onesie! I love yo babies, too!!! :)