Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sandox fun.

We recently relocated the contraband sandbox (against apartment rules - psh) to the corner of our little porch area instead of right beside our door. Now it gets more shade and less sand comes inside. Win/win. Big E can be found here most of the day.
Little A is another story. He loves it. Looooovves it. As soon as I take the cover off he makes a b line. Trouble is, when he gets there, he eats sand by the fistfuls as if his very life depends on it. As if in a panic of starvation (perhaps because he knows I'm about to put the kibosh on it) he jams handful after fat little handful of sand down his gullet.

Can babies have Pica?

But sometimes, after I've taken him in and washed the sand out of his mouth, he will sit in it and play as nature intended - digging, throwing, making tracks with cars, wriggling fingers through, etc.
And a good time is had by all.

In other news - for some reason yesterday Amos was cracked up by Eli saying, "Pinch." Can't explain it. There was no physical pinching - play or otherwise. But this kid just howled with laughter.

Sorry for the poor video quality. I have a better one taken with the camera, but I've had very limited success uploading camera videos to blogger. Any suggestions?

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