Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Jessa's Way". Not to be confused with "The Right Way."

"Mommy, where do clip arts come from?"

No really. I have no idea how it works. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like this, but here's how I did it:So I need a one color image to put on a certain promotional item I intend to hype and expose in a big reveal sometime in the coming weeks. But get ready. It's awesome. And I plan to include one in every shipment. Be excited.

I didn't want to use just John Q. Owl off the internet. So I pulled out my Wall Pops and picked a nice brown and went to work. I quickly drew an owl friend and set about cutting out the negative spaces with my trusty exacto knife.

"Huh. This might work." I said to myself.

I got a little stuck trying to figure out the eyes. Then I panicked when I kept cutting and accidentally detached them from the rest of his face (darn you negative space!). But then I realized I could just stick them right where the belong once the rest was all cut out. Phew.

I stuck him down on some crisp white paper - gave him his eyes back - and viola!

Throw in some hair and some leaves and he's one not-half-bad looking owl. I was pretty jazzed.

This needs work, but you get the idea.. Anybody have suggestions for me on adding my two urls to the design?

So, can anyone explain to me, without getting into too much personal detail, how clip art gets made? Are there clip artists with poor vision and very sore pointer fingers working away out there that I don't know about? It's a mystery.

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  1. wow - look great.

    I think most people make clip art in vector. or some kind of computer program. I think yours looks just as good.

    and as for adding your urls - prolly just some pretty font.