Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swirly Orange Goodness

I just finished my trio of purses. I tend to make things in threes. Interesting. Or is it?

So, one went to the loveliest friend and neighbor, Katie who moved yesterday (sniff.). I'm keeping one (yay)! And someone's got dibsies on the last one. But, if they decide to go with another design, I'll put this one in the etsy shop and let you guys know, in case this little sweetie is calling your name. It sure was calling mine.


  1. I love that style purse! Is it a pattern of your own design? I just used that same orange fabric to make a purse for a friend - it is gorgeous! :D

  2. When you mentioned doing things in threes, I thought you were about to make a pregnancy announcement!!!

    LOVE that orange fabric as well! So fun!

  3. Nancymoo - I started with the Gathered Bag pattern in the Market Bags Pattern by Portobello Pixie - but I added my own little tweaks.

    Mama V - no such news! Interesting thought though.

  4. Ha! I just saw your comment on Michie's blog - did you get the orange fabric from ACC - because that's where I got it!! That is my faaaaaaaaaaavorite store! Either way, your bags are awesome! :D

  5. Jessa, I must have one of those! I love that pattern! Orange is my favorite color!