Sunday, July 4, 2010


So, this morning, the fella flew the coop. He's off to Miami with 22 teenagers (gulp) for a work trip. God speed.

Day one of his absence has been delightful (hope he doesn't take that the wrong way. Talk to me in three days). First thing this morning (like, just after dawn) I decided, though my birthday is more than a week away, to hang up the Happy Birthday Mama banner.

Which meant I had to make the Mama part. So, sewing project completed before 7 a.m. - check.

But then the Mama part kept brushing my head while I sewed, so I had to change it to "Mama, Happy Birthday." It works.

Then I whipped up some pancakes and a Betty Boop cape (first cape going to Australia!).

Then Boogie napped and Eli and I watched Cars while I sewed and worked a bit on the wall behind my ironing board. It needed some love, since I stare at it for much of my day (well, much of my night at least).

And Ta Da! Inspiration wall. I'm giddy. And inspired.

The centerpiece is the stunning painting/collage the amazing Melinda Dabbs made for us for our 10th anniversary. When I opened it I couldn't find words to express how much I love it. I think I said something like, "Minna! I never know what to say when I open gifts. I love this so much, I want to lick it."

I also immediately decided this will be my next tattoo - and little Dizzle and Boogie birds (etc.) will be added to the branch. Hmmm, wonder if Melinda still wants to be my friend after all that creepy gushing.

The sweet little critter was made by Amy Sanders of There There Pottery. She and I were mutual blog stalkers for a while. We're both potters and both have boys around the same ages. And she's awesome. Finally she asked for a meet up while we were in N.C. whileback and I jumped at the chance.

She's amazing.

Former roomie and all time craft goddess Christa whipped this puppy up one morning. I'm pretty sure it was meant for someone else, but I snagged it.

You gotta be quick these days.

This little shadow box contains our wedding invitation, my bridal necklace, the engagement announcement from the Shelby Star (said with THICK southern accent), the hanky my great Granny Vassy gave to me on our wedding day, and our cake topper.

A few words on the cake topper -
1)I made it. I cut a couple out of a wedding magazine and stuck our heads on it.
2)I didn't mean for it to be a cake topper, but that was its destiny.
3)I gave it to Eric for Valentine's Day before we were married, and he did not run screaming the other direction. He's a keeper.

(Aside - 4 Blue Angels just flew by our window. Happy 4th!)
(Aside aside - Eli is standing right beside me wriggling his fingers saying, "Can I bwog?" Delish)

Eli's baby feet! I made feet Christmas ornaments of each boys feet but I can't find Boogie's.

Poor Boogie.

These little paper beauties are included in any Oliver + S pattern you buy. I love them and all the patterns they've ever accompanied.

Eli points out that it's weird that some of them don't have heads. He's very perceptive.

So - what's inspiring you???


  1. Awesome wall! Sounds like a fantastic start to the week!

    Though, I must say, I think I should take a tiny weeny bit of credit for a piece of that wall for having (inadvertently, indirectly, through blog world) introduced you and my very awesome former college roomie to each other. ;)

  2. I love the wall! And I doubt your hubby will be offended by your inspiration in his absence. :) The baby feet ornament is too precious! What did you use to make that? I am due in September and that would be a perfect addition to our tree this year!! :D