Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ninety Nine and...One Hundred

Big Day. There's been a super milestone.

I have just filled orders for my ninety ninth and one hundredth Super Kid Cape!For Super Milo.
And Super Esme!

And! They're going to London! Two British Super Kids! Love it!

And, along with the 100th cape, I recently had my 100th etsy order, and am staring down 200 posts on this humble blog. Thanks to all of you lovely readers and shoppers! What a fun year!

Oh - an get this. On Super Bowl Sunday my etsy shop had over 1000 page views - 379 visitors (up until that day my max visitors per day was like 77)! My cheese wedge onesie was featured in so many treasuries I lost count. Thank you Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers!

Doot doot do dooooo.

That was me tooting my own horn.


  1. what?! you've sewn 100 capes?! Holy smokes! you're freakin' amazing!!!

  2. Yay for you! That is so cool! I love the capes - I can't wait until Ruffin is big enough to wear one! :D