Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Three Sons or Two Men and a Little Lady???

A Little Lady!

With much certainty, 99.9% in fact, our ultra sound guy (and Eric who studied up on ultrasound reading before our appointment) confirmed last night that there is a squirmy little girl baby in my belly. Check her out:
That's the profile of her head and belly (with umbilical cord floating above it) and part of her little leg. We were both 100% thrilled that we decided to go early. And now we have lots of photos and a video to fawn over. We decided against the 3D at the last minute because the guy said it would be much cuter later on and that he could usually tell sex at 15 weeks with the 2D no problem. And he knew immediately, as did Eric. She was not shy in the least. That's my girl.

And now for the Blog Giveaway Winner!

Legal Disclaimer: The winner is of no familial relation. She's just special enough to have earned the title of Auntie even before we had kids. Congrats Selena!


  1. I don't understand what this means! Huh?! I just don't get it! This girl business is just too foreign to me!


    Congrats, family! She's going to be beautiful, just like her bros!

  2. Hooray! Thanks so much Eli! And hooray for that beautiful baby girl! We can't wait to meet you!

  3. Congratulations!! So exciting :)