Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sassy Susie Homemaker

While back...say, 4 months or sister asked me to make and donate some items to her kids' school auction. Taking cues from cute boutiques I frequent and of course, anthropology, I decided aprons would be just the thing.

I've shared my beliefs on this subject before:
"I believe that if you must go into the kitchen, and if you must cook stuff - you can at least look super duper girlie while doing so."

So...better late than never (they're on their way Kel). I made two super girlie aprons, complete with terry cloth overlays for the wiping of schmutz.

Love love love the spoon/fork fabric.
Thank you cutie Courtney for modeling these and acting out the wiping of schmutz!

I also made two bibless half aprons that were all terry cloth with sweet little fabric belt/ties. Pretty cute.

Now if you simply must have one of these, you'll have to hike your hiney to Seattle to attend the auction. Or I could make you one special, since they're not in the shop as yet.


  1. anthropology = Anthropologie? Or are you simply appealing to the human sciences for inspiration? In that case, I might recommend sociology as more relevant to textile production.

  2. ME LIKEY!

    Both kids' schools will be SO HAPPY! :) Thanks sis!