Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Word About Girl Clothes

I love having boys. Love the toys. Love the energy. Love the rough. Love the tumble.

Love how boys love their Mama.

If this tummy baby had been a third boy - sweet. Bring it on.

But she's a girl. A teeny baby girl. Oh so sweet.

You know there is one area where girls have it over on boys, hands down:

Girl clothes.

I mean come on.

My dear friend Selena (and yes, winner of the giveaway - I swear there was no funny business there), upon hearing we were having a girl declared, "Break out the tub!" Because she knows. She's been around since the beginning of the girl clothes crazy, which started hmmmm, 'round 13 years ago.

Back in college I worked at Gymboree (the retail store, not the activity place). Actually, I've worked in three Gymborees since college. I started working there when the fella and I were dating. And I bought bag upon bag of baby clothes.

I'm still not sure why Eric didn't flee the scene. Nothing will freak your boyfriend (then fiance, then husband) out more than bringing home clothes for your unconceived children. But thankfully he doesn't scare easy.
The thing is, when you're buying clothes for hypothetical people, girl clothes really jump out at you more than boy clothes do. Seriously...look at the sweetness.

So 8 years later when we became pregnant with Eli and found out he was a boy, I dug through the tub and tallied things up. I had 31 pieces for girl, 5 pieces for boy, and 6 pieces that could go either way.

Girl clothes man. I blame the girl clothes. Oh - and the discount...not too shabby.

A little story on this onesie - it was one of the first things we bought when we were pregnant with Eli, before we knew he was he. Eric has no idea why this is funny. He has no pop-culture references, which I find super adorable.

Just look. How could I resist. I'm not going to totally girlie her up. She'll have a hearty portion of hand-me-downs from her big brothers. But she's got tubs full of girlie cuteness too.

As a side note, Eric does not care for this last outfit. But in my defense, I purchased this little gem before our nation was introduced to that infamous beret-wearing D.C. intern. To him, it screams Lewinsky. But all I see is cuteness.


  1. Love it! I'm with ya'. I've never had a preference but it's impossible not to slow down in the girls clothing section of a store! SO much more fun!

  2. Ummm...13 years ago. How did that happen?