Monday, February 14, 2011

Love. Hope you have heaps of it.

There's a photo I would love to use as a Happy Valentine to you, beloved readers. It's of sweet Dizzy's tiny baby derriere. Y'all, he had (and still has really) a perfect little heart shaped arse. And I have a fabulous photo of it, which I can't bring myself to post. But if he ever crosses me, I may change my mind. I'm just sayin'.

So, in lieu of the hearty hiney...

Owl Be Your Valentine...

So it's not exactly a pot. But it is a jar. That head comes right off and you could store all sorts of V-Day goodies in there. Plus, it means his head revolves a full 360 degrees, all spooky like a real owl.

I decided with every piece I make these days I'm going to do something I've never done before. The first pot I made was a bowl and I cut and chopped and added and carved the heck outta that thing. So, second pot, I made a jar. And I thought, "I've never made an owl jar before." So I did it.

I hope you are all feeling the love today! The fella and I had a lovely V-Day date on Saturday (since he's working for the Big Guy tonight (teaches Bible Study)). We did dinner and a movie and began the "Big Baby Name Hash Out of Ought Eleven." We should have waited to hash until we at least know who's in there. Half the know?

What are your V-Day plans...hopes...dreams? Hope they all come true.
Hope heaps of sweets are showered upon you.
Sweet treats, sweet words, sweet nothings, sweet lovin'...the whole bit.

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