Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stuff Yaya Makes - Sea Fairing Edition

This is a new little segment I'm calling, "Stuff Yaya Makes." Yaya, as you may know, is my mom. She came to join our little slice of chaos in December. The boys love having her just downstairs because she's always good for a snack, a laugh, or an extensive craft project.

So, from time to time I will highlight some of her best creations, which, I might add, are all crafted from items she nabbed from our recycle bin.

Continuing the nautical theme that she and the boys are so fond of, Yaya's latest creation is a kid-sized sailboat. Complete with sail, flags, and rudder, this vessel is ready to brave the open waters, were there any waters near our landlocked location. And also, for your sadistic pleasure, you get a little glimpse of what Thursdays look like around here. Four kids make one fine mess, and have a grand time at it.

See that thing Eli's sitting on? That's another Yaya project. Saturday morning while the fella and I were still wiping crusties out of our eyes, she and the boys were playing cars when she whipped up that crazy racetrack.

Ahoy and good night.

Yaya is also finally represented in the Cast of Characters on the sidebar, as is the wee one, expected in August.

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