Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Go Pack Go!

I must confess, I wasn't following the football playoffs. I made a concerted effort at the beginning of this football season to do a little research, find a human interest story, or a team with a special history that makes me become a super football fan in love with one team.

I learned that the Denver Broncos have a player named Champ, and that was enough for me. I decided they were my team.

Well, not at all surprisingly, other distractions prevailed and my zeal for football waned.

So, I wasn't even sure who was playing in the Super Bowl.

Until the past few days, when this little number: ...began getting featured in treasuries more than daily, and orders for it enjoyed a noticeable bump.

So, I'm officially cheering for the Packers on Sunday, the 6th (that's Super Bowl Sunday, for those of you as oblivious as me), since they've been throwing a little business my way. Hey, they scratched my back, I'll scratch theirs by cheering for them...helping them in no actual way.

If you know a crazed Cheese Head who would love to deck out their wee Packers fan for the big game, send them over to my shop. To get your gear in time, orders must be placed by Sunday, January 30,2011.

Go Pack Go! (That's what they, I mean we say. We Packers fans.)

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