Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At the Farm

The boys and I went to a great little (free!) historical museum today. It has two working farms - one from 1860 and one from 1890 - complete with a blacksmith shop, homes, barns, cabins and all sorts of animals.

The boys ate it up.

I love that little sign. In case you can't read it, it says, "please do not."

This was the perfect outing for today because Dizzy is currently obsessed with a little book about Baby Farm Animals. He brought it to the farm and had me read to each set of animals the page about them in the book. And he would show each animal its picture in the book.

Boogie's favorite farm animal was the cat.

It did all sorts of cool tricks.

We followed it around...

And it followed us all over both farms.

It was a lovely outing and it made me realize how much I love farm yard critters. I want to be a farmer. As a vegetarian, it may be less like a farm and more like just long term large animal refuge, but that'd be ok.

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