Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Magic

I have been the happy observer to a lot of baby magic lately. My own blessing aside, all around me lately little baby miracles are cropping up. There are very few reasons to get crafty I like better than to celebrate magic, so I've been busy and happy.

First off, a long time friend and fellow potter became proud Papa to identical twin boys Asher and Rowan on the December 29th. These teeny little gems will have to grow and thrive in NICU for a few weeks, but otherwise they are hearty and strong. And they are terribly stinkin' cute.

I made for them matching preppy boat pants, like my boys wore for Easter last year.

My boys were dreamy cute in them, but I can't even imagine the cuteness of 3 month old identical hineys wearing these dapper britches.

Next up, a friend of a friend is having triplets. Triplets. The very idea makes my knees buckle. I am so happy to be crafting for them, instead of, you know...having them.

For these three I made custom burp cloths with a birdie theme.
To quilt them I stitched trees and a birdcage. Love it.

Next I made a little onesie to celebrate the birth of an Aussie baby, the lovely Hope Lily.
That one was really fun.

But perhaps the most fun was all the peachy themed goodness I cooked up for baby Georgia Marie, who was born on December 19 and lovingly and joyfully adopted by my dear friends.

Now that was too much fun.

So...who's next?

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  1. Jessa, these projects are just divine! Seriously, I think these are some of my favorites of all the things you made! Those burp cloths are SO gorgeous and one-of-a-kind! I really, really think you should sell those on your etsy page because they're that amazing! (And I'd definitely buy one!) ;)

    Those baby hormones kickin' in ya' are treating you kind, my friend. ;)