Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gazing into the future...

Happy New Year everybody! Festivities around here were pretty low key. We celebrated a Very Kiddo New Year at a friend's house. The kiddos rang in the New Year with a count down, cider toasts, hugs and kisses and youtube fireworks around 6:00 p.m. - which is just about my speed these days. It was really delightful to watch them process the whole idea and to celebrate with cheerses and embraces. Boogie is now obsessed with cheersing.

Another current favorite activity is looking out, slobbering on, and making hand prints on the big picture window in our new living room. It's our main hang out spot and I can't help snapping photos of them there because they look so hopeful and dreamy.

So, I hope the dawning of 2011 has you staring hopefully out your window, dreaming of exciting possibilities, achievable goals, happy surprises and peaceful moments. Happy New Year!

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