Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Special Present Revealed!

Remember that sneakity peakity post from a few days before Christmas? The one of the only gift I sewed for Christmas?

Well, it has been sent and received...opened and enjoyed. And now you may see it for yourselves.
It's the "Capture the Moment Camera Bag" from Sew Liberated one of my fave new pattern books! I knew as soon as I saw it that I would make it for my photographically gifted (and trained) sister Madeline. And it just so happened that I was her secret santa (yes. I rigged the name draw.).

She's the coolest.

And so is this bag! It has compartments for your film (what's that?) and lenses and all manner of photographer gear.

And it's super sassy and hip, just like Maddie. And - I made it in one day! I was shocked. Now, in all fairness, there seems to be more time in the days lately with Yaya here playing with the boys and keeping everything running so smoothly. But, I was able to cut, pin, and stitch this baby in just one day. The instructions were clear and easy and I had a blast doing it.

So, if you've got a looming project you've been putting off because you're a little intimidated (like I was with this one), I say go for it! You're awesome and you've so got this.

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  1. Jessa, that's fantastic! I love it and may have to make it for my mom. I'm almost finished with a robe that I'm making for her (for Christmas.) I was so intimidated that I didn't even start sewing it until Sunday. :)