Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shhh...I'm reading.

Apparently we're raising little bibliophiles. Ironic, seeing as I haven't finished a book since they were born. A trade off I suppose.

Boogie is especially book-obsessed. He comes up to me (or the fella, or Yaya, or Dizzy) multiple times daily with book in hand imploring, "Hep ME!"

Dizzy has recently discovered the read along cd books where the chime sounds and you turn the page. Each time he declares, "I heard the sound!" Good to know Dizzy. Good to know.

I think these boys are onto something. I inexplicably found myself alone in the library not long ago and fearing that scenario may never present itself again, I checked out every book they had on sewing, stitching, fiber arts, crewel (which is vying for the position of my newest obsession - trouble is I hate hand stitching), as well as one on personal finance and one on traveling with kids. Hey, in the words of the wise-beyond-her-years Curly Sue, "When you get a chance to fill the hump you fill the hump."

I filled my literary hump.

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