Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sneakity Peekity

I'm finally sneak peeking this one. It's been in progress since Amos was born or just before. Counting chickens before they hatch not withstanding, it will be completed within...hmmm...a reasonable time frame from now. That's as specific as is safe to assume.

Amos is enjoying my revived interest in this project because that means there is stuffing to be played with. It's provided hours of entertainment for him. That boy loves the fluff.

It has been somewhat therapeutic for me to work on this one. While progress is slow and painstaking, there's something soothing in wrestling with this one. Turns out a third pregnancy can be a bit taxing, and this one is doing a number on me. As an already rather emotional being, being further marinated in the hormone soup required for the making of people is proving a bit tough. So when I find a quiet moment, I turn to this project and hunker down, and then I don't have time to get mired down in the other stuff.

Stay tuned for a reveal of the finished product!

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