Monday, December 13, 2010

Movin' on Up.

I think for the time being I'm going to see how far I can get on posts with cliche titles which contain abbreviated gerunds. They're serving me well.

Well lovelies...we're in. We're all moved into the sweet little house Dizzy calls California. And for only being two sleeps in, we're surprisingly settled. We all have beds. The dishes are in their cabinets. We brought home our Christmas tree today. Joy of joys.

Our population has increased by one lovely soul. My mama, Yaya, arrived on moving day and has been a Godsend, entertaining babies, cooking, schlepping, and donning all manner of hats, as seen above. The boys think she hung the moon. But she's short like me, so that would've been a feat.

The whole moving operation was miraculous. We had a constantly revolving crew of amazing volunteers who moved stuff down three flights of stairs to the new place, and then emptied our storage unit. Bless their hearts.

Much of what was in storage was remnants from my potter life, which I now miss even more. When I saw my wheel I nearly buckled. But now it's in my house, as are about 15 50-lb. boxes of clay (see what I mean about blessing their hearts!?). Eventually I might just sneak down in the night and get my potter on, but for now it's good enough just to know it's there and periodically go down and smell the dust.

I also got to unload lots of yummy pots that had to be stored. One box is actually labeled: "All my favorite pots I had to put in storage :( (sad face)." I haven't opened that one yet. I want to wait until all the clutter is gone so I can savor finding each piece it's rightful place.

The boys seem right at home. There's an embarrassment of space from their perspective. They each have a room with a closet, two windows and lots of play space. That's a serious upgrade from student housing, believe you me. They love all the nooks and crannies of an older house. They love LOVE going downstairs to Yaya's, who brought treasures from the beach like plastic crabs, seashells and bona fide beach sand.

Next we look forward to decorating our Christmas tree, finally! It's home and lighted and the fella's taking the afternoon off today for decorating. Speaking of my beloved, his birthday is upon us. Literally the first item to be put in it's place was the Happy Birthday Daddy banner. And rightly so. Happy Birthday my love. And welcome home.


  1. the new place looks and sounds delightful! (said with a *sigh* by this urban dweller living in a small space.)

  2. Congratulations! I know you and your family are so happy! I don't know how you managed in that tiny apartment. I know our 975sq house is small with the new baby but I'll bet it is bigger than what you had - and 2 little boys - wow!! Extra special congrats with whipped cream and a cherry!! :D