Thursday, December 30, 2010

Embracing the Ride

It's Thursday, and I'm wading through all the Christmas photos to give you guys the best of our Christmas week in review. But since it's Thursday, I remembered that fun little blog I stumbled upon...The Anderson Crew...and it's fun little Thursday feature, Embrace the Camera.

And, just because I haven't said it enough...Thursday.

The above photo was from the day after Christmas when the fella and I took the boys to the zoo and rode the beautiful carousel. The Dizzard has never been a huge fan of the carousel. His first ride was a freak fest. But he's warmed to the concept over the years. He still insists upon riding only stationary items.

Boogie on the other hand, is fearless.

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  1. such fun memories! my kids always choose the chairs on the carousel too...what's up with that?!