Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm pretty sure those are visions of sugarplums in those dreamy eyes. Dizzy is so ready. Is there anything sweeter than a 3-year-old at Christmas? Me thinks not.

The last three days he's been spending evenings donning his Santa hat, toting his sack, and riding in his sleigh delivering toys to all his buddies. Nevermind that his sack is a garbage bag, and his sleigh is the cozy coupe. He's fully committed to the character. He talks to, feeds and cares for his reindeer including but not limited to the standard eight, plus Rudolph, Rudolph's parents, Clarice and even Fireball. Remember Fireball?

And because there had to be a bit of cooperative sneaking, the fella let me in on what Eli thinks I need for Christmas and it is crazy thoughtful and observant for a 3-year-old.

My heart is warmed. Hope yours is too.

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