Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dizzy the Magi

We took the boys to the kids' Christmas Eve service at church. Of course, our un-napped, sugar-crazed, kids - The. Preacher's. Kids. (the fella is a minister) - had to leave early because they were too loud and disruptive. ugh.

But, prior to our ungraceful exit, Eli participated in the interactive telling of the Christmas story. At a certain point, each set of characters (angels, shepherds, and magi) was invited to come up and play their part.

Eli was a magi. They saved the big hat for him, bless his heart. This magi came a bit late to the party (and offered his gift to the Children' Minister instead of Jesus).

Look at that sweet big-headed magi. Mama's so proud.

Came late to the party and stayed late. Figures. He had to be asked to leave. Man, I've been there.

He played the part with gusto. And it was oh so sweet.

And come on...he's three. I call that a Christmas miracle.

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