Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looks like Home

Well, not really. Yet.

Today was the first day of schlepping. The boys and I took three batches of stuff to the new house. Every time I go I like it even better. Maybe because it's empty and feels so spacious. But hopefully because it's going to be a sweet little home for our little crowd.

First things first - Eli's race car bed. Before today Eli was clear that he still wanted to live in Denver (our apartment, according to him).

But after his race car bed and name letters arrived at the new house, he got really excited about moving to California (the new house. I don't know.).

The race car bed was the absolute first thing out of this apartment and first thing in to the house (conveniently he's been sleeping in Amos' crib since he tortured Amos out of it months ago).

I've taken it on as my personal challenge to pack as much of this apartment into garbage bags and throw them over the balcony to my car in the parking lot. The race car bed even took that route. I know it's the devil, but man I love plastic.

The current bag count: 20.

I have thrown 20 bags over the rail and put them in their rooms of the house. And only like half of those were fabric.

Tomorrow...I tackle the toys. If you don't hear from me for a day or so, send help.

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