Thursday, December 9, 2010

Embracing Transition and the Camera

It seems I may have run out of chuckable items. I loaded 33 30-gallon garbage bags with anything that wouldn't break upon impact 3 stories down. Amos and Eli loved every dramatic toss.

And yes, I had a baby on my hip each time. Seems Amos is not a fan of my packing up all his things and throwing them over the balcony. But I have assured him it'll all be worth it.

Tomorrow is for real Moving Day. No more piddly suv loads with babies in tow. We're talking moving truck, furniture pads and strapping young men (ok...middle aged PhD students with nothing better to do on winter break and who couldn't think fast enough on their feet to get out of it, poor guys). A thousand thanks in advance.

In my avoidance of the many packing jobs still to be done, I stumbled upon a sweet little blog called The Anderson Crew. This lovely lady has a fun Thursday tradition of getting the behind-the-scenes blogger out from behind the camera and into a post. So today...I embrace the camera with the above photo.

Stay tuned - the next entry comes to you from the new house! Hooray!


  1. Ugh... moving... hehe! We just did a couple months ago from Wisconsin to Nevada. Good luck!! Hope it goes as smoothly as possible :)

  2. We are moving too!!! Only I have no pictures to document the craziness of moving during the holidays. (I think that might be a good thing.)