Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I could be sleeping...

I've sewn, packed, and schlepped for days. I'm exhausted. But instead of sleeping, I'm making another etsy treasury. I think they call that addiction.

Now, it's a surprise and a delight to be included in a treasury someone else makes. It's validation. It's an ego boost. And it can be good for sales. Win, win, win.

But making my own is just plain fun. I get to be creative with the concept and theme. I get to pseudo-shop and pick out all my favorite things to showcase. I get to give other sellers a little boost and hopefully make them smile. Win, win, win, win.

But the pan-ultimate of treasury making is to have your treasury featured on the front page of etsy. That's where they get the front page collections that they change a few times daily - from treasuries that Joe Q. Etsian creates. Cool, right?

Now I've made treasuries of food items (Milk and Cookies), numbers (Threes in a Pod), rocks (Geology Rocks!), and in honor of a special friend (Pagodas for Caroline).

But I think this might be my best one ever. The items are choice. The photos are fabulous. The theme and colors are spot on. I'm pretty proud.

Just for fun let's see what can happen if I get more clicks than usual. If you have time, click on the link below to see the treasury and click around on a couple of the items. Maybe leave a comment if you're so moved. Who knows, you might just get that sucker up on the front page of etsy...and that would just be cool.

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  1. Love it! I too have been addicted to etsy for years and am *trying* to be good about purchases. Christmas is fantastic because I get to shop, shop, shop for family! And those warm wrist warmers are definitely going in my Favorites list and Amazon wish list! Thanks!