Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good.

My weekend at Sunny's was sooooo lovely and I took full advantage of all that lounge time. I relished not being needed. I savored not changing diapers or wiping noses.

But I missed them something fierce. There is nothing better than rising up the escalators from the terminal train and seeing Dizzy's sweet smile and arms full of flowers saying, "Hi Mommy! You came back!"

Yum. Me.

So I've been eating up some boy time since I got back.

Poor Baby A. He was sick and pitiful while I was gone. He's made it clear I should never go again. He's still a little puny, but hopefully on the mend.

Absence has made our hearts even fonder. Imagine that.


  1. So sweet! Great pictures! Its nice to be refreshed and loved!! :D